What do you see when you imagine a better Bitterne Park?

For communities to create the future they want, it helps to
imagine it, describe it, discuss it, create stories, and reflect…

Imagine if, when you wake up tomorrow morning, Bitterne Park is as you would like it to be. What does it look like? What does it sound like? How do you feel? What are you doing? What is your life like?

Imagine Bitterne Park is a community led project that aims to capture the combined wisdom and imagination of all corners of the Bitterne Park community to build a positive shared vision of the community’s future. There are three simple steps:

  1. Ask the Bitterne Park community a simple question: What do you see when you imagine a better Bitterne Park?
  2. Provide various spaces for the community to respond (see below)
  3. Playback the community’s response and see what seeds of imagination take root

We’re currently looking for people to join us, whether as part of the organising group, or by simply sharing an idea or skill (more info on this below).

If you want to stay up-to-date, please join our mailing list, social groups, or follow us

We are currently looking for volunteers to join us

If you’re interested in getting involved with some of the project, please get in touch. We need a mix of people from across the community from idea creators, thinkers, writers, organisers, facilitators, project managers, networkers, story tellers, artists, musicians, and social media whizzes. There’s no expectation in terms of time commitment, just give what you can, it’s amazing the impact an hour here and there can have.

We want to create Imagination Spaces where our community’s imagination can thrive

We would like to provide a variety of spaces where the community can reflect and express their ideas. Some of the initial ideas are below but these are by no means set in stone if other ideas come forward (get in touch if you have an idea or if any of the ideas below inspire!):

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an environmental/green project?
No! It’s a community project that aims to facilitate conversations and needs participants from all parts of the community with different beliefs and interests. The community will decide the directions it takes and the themes that emerge.

Why Bitterne Park?
Simply because there were a couple of Bitterne Park residents who took part in the Transition Bounce Forward series and applied for the funding. As mentioned above, the wider Growing Places project is engaging with other communities and neighbourhoods and we would love to explore using the approach in other parts of Southampton

Who is behind this project?
Transition Southampton members. 

Who is paying for this project?
We have a small amount of funding from The National Lottery Community Fund (distributed by the Transition Network via their Transition: Bounce Forward initiative). There are 112 other projects around the country that have also been awarded funding. 

How long will the project run for?
The project will conclude in September. What happens after that? No-one knows… imagine what’s possible…

This project is part of Transition Southampton Growing Places

Imagine Bitterne Park is part of the Transition Southampton Growing Places project that consists of 4 sub-projects: Imagine Bitterne Park, Bitterne Park Growing Places, Imagine St Denys and a soon-to-be-announced project in one other neighbourhood.

Building on Imagine Southampton

This project builds off of the work done in 2016 as part of Imagine Southampton. Imagine Southampton was a community led event organised by Transition Southampton that sparked and inspired multiple ideas and projects around Southampton. The idea is to try the same approach on a single neighbourhood. While we’re not planning to emulate Imagine Southampton, it’s a great reference point and example of what’s possible when a community get together to discuss and imagine a shared positive vision for the future.

Inspired by Rob Hopkins and Transition Bounce Forward

Imagine Bitterne Park is inspired by the imaginative and inspirational book by Rob Hopkins, From What Is to What If (copies available from October Books) and The Transition Bounce Forward project provided further impetus (not to mention some funding!).

Thank you to our supporters

The majority of funding for this project comes from The National Lottery Community Fund and is distributed by the Transition Network via their Transition: Bounce Forward initiative. There are 112 other projects around the country that have also been awarded funding.